snow day survival guide!

If you live in the in the Northeast like we do, chances are you are facing a SNOW DAY tomorrow! For me a snow day equals fun but that often comes to a screeching halt around noon when I am willing to pay RIDICULOUS amounts of money for someone else to watch and entertain my kids. The good news: it gets easier as they get older. My boys would happily play the entire day away… on their Xbox with 10 of their closest online friends. As easy as it would be to let that happen, I am hoping to tear them away from that screen for a bit.

Snow play is an obvious choice but my kiddos typically last 10 minutes before they are cold. They are hockey players and play in freezing cold ice rinks for nine months out of the year but five minutes in the backyard and they are done. Enter the snow day survival guide, for kiddos and mamas (and papas!) alike! Have fun and stay safe!

1. Indoor snow play. A tub full of fake snow. All you need is baking soda.

2. A sumo wrestling match!

3. Make your own Valentine’s. Get a jump on the holiday with the multitude of cute printables in last night’s post!

4. Create your own Tumble Bunny or Pop-Up Card or Book.

5. Build your own Straw Plane or build a fort… or two or three! Have a picnic or watch a movie (or take a nap! Hope springs eternal!) in there.

6. Download a new app. My kiddos’ favorite apps right now are Subway Surfer and Hill Climb. No violence and they are FREE! (Subway Surfer for the Android. Hill Climb for the Android.)

7. Download Spotify onto your computer and make a playlist with your kids for free! Instant dance party. Requests are welcome. Take turns being DJ. (If you have a Minecraft fan in your family, search for Minecraft in the songs. The parodies are HILarious.)

8. Decorate your own tee! All you need is a plain tee, sandpaper, crayons and an iron. Easy peasy!

9. Quiet time! I don’t care how old your kids are, everybody can use some downtime. Everybody on their beds (or in their rooms) for an hour… reading, daydreaming, playing quietly with Legos, whatev. If your kiddos are old enough, take a quick power nap. If you have trouble getting people to stay in their rooms, make a fire in the fireplace and declare the living room an electronic free zone for one hour. If they are bored they can just stare at the fire for a while!

10. And for the moms and dads out there, top your day (or afternoon, this is a judgment free zone) off with a spiked hot chocolate! I recently enjoyed one of these babies at an amazing local restaurant and snapped a quick pic of the recipe before I ordered. All you need is hot chocolate, Godiva liqueur (or Bailey’s), and fluff! You ARE welcome.

Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter throughout the day as my boys and I share more ideas with you! XO

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